Friday, July 1, 2011

Punk Rock Friday - "To Have and Have Not"

I spend and have spent a lot of my life pondering life's inequities.  I think it was part of the reason I was drawn to the punk rock scene in the first place - there is a camaraderie and brotherhood (sisterhood also) associated with the scene (to me anyway).  One where, I thought as a naive kid, actions meant more than superficial qualities like the color of your skin or where you grew up.

Now, as anyone in the scene knows, the reality of the subculture is not so rosy.

Anyway, back on topic here. In the vain of social and economic disparities this Punk Rock Friday is with Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards.  The song is To Have and Have Not off their self-titled album. 

Some of you may know Lars as the guitarist of Rancid, a band who saw some moderate mainstream success in the 90s.

I encourage anyone and everyone to post any thoughts they have on the song, the meaning or my post.  Please share!

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