The Clan

Berserk Father That is me. I am a father, a husband and a scientist.  I am the father to two kids who I love incredibly, but who often leave me frustrated, angry, tired, laughing, and slightly more insane than when I started.  I cannot imagine a world without them in my life (and I can imagine almost anything). I am a silly, laid-back, funny, absent-minded and still very much a child man.  My poor wife...  I am a physicist, currently a postdoc.  For those not in the science community, a postdoc is this simultaneously awesome and horrible position one typically has right after they finish their PhD.  You do lots of research, most of which is stuff you actually want to work on, get paid more than you did as a grad student, but it still is a petty wage.  My self proclaimed title of Berserk comes from the fact I often have the feeling my brain is spinning like the Tasmanian devil inside my head as my children slowly steal my last shred of sanity.  I growl and roar, raging against the inevitable, but to no avail.  I foresee nothing left of my previous childless self, with only a deranged monosyllabic brute left at the end of a day.

Beautiful Wife My wife and mother to my children.  The matriarch of the clan.  She has followed me around the US as I went to grad school then graduated and got my postdoc.  She worries about her kids and what trouble their father is letting them get into.  She has a very high stress job which leaves her exhausted by the time she gets home.  She gets me and all the goofy, silly things I do.  She is a cancer survivor.  She was diagnosed with malignant melanoma 8 months after her father died of the same disease.  She is 4 years cancer free now.  She loves to cook for her family and read with her kids.

Little Berserker Spawn Little Berserker Spawn is a 4 year old boy who loves all things cars, dinosaurs, star wars, airplanes, trucks, etc.  He is very much a boy.  He likes to growl, roar, and yell.  But he is also incredibly sweet and thoughtful.  He is always listening and observing, even if his mother and I think he isn't.  He can be incredibly sweet to his little sister, but just as often, is a 4 year old boy towards her.  If she is mean to him, he is truly hurt.  He is more likely to get Mom and Dad involved in their squabbles.

Sweet Little Hellion Sweet Little Hellion is a two year little girl who is very much already a little mommy.  She loves to play with her dolls, wrapping them in blankets and rocking them.  She loves to snuggle, but only for a little while.  She gets restless.  She has a little demon in her also, though.  She loves to torment her brother by taking his things and running away with them.  She is always defiant when she is punished.  She is pretty easy going and usually doesn't let her brother bother her too much.

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