Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daycare Birthday Party - The Event

Birthday Cake - Candles
Attrribution: Jessica Diamond via flickr.  CC BY-SA 2.0
This is a follow up to the Daycare Birthday Party Rant.

I did not bring goody bags.

The world did not end.

Not a single kid noticed (at least they didn't say anything to me).

Much joy was had by all the kids, especially Little Berserker Spawn.  He was all smiles!


So, after we had already given LBS his gifts for his birthday, Beautiful Wife and I were upstairs.  I suddenly remembered that we did not even get Sweet Little Hellion (LBS' little sister) a little something so she wouldn't feel left out**.  BW laid down the law on me - "No way - I hate doing that.  It isn't her birthday, she has to learn sometime."  So, it is not just me who is the grinch around here!

**Note: SLH was fine with the whole situation and LBS shared his new toys like a champ.  I almost fell right over when I realized this.

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