Friday, June 24, 2011

Punk Rock Friday

I have decided to institute another weekly special here at Berserk Father: Punk Rock Friday.  So, if you dig some good rock n roll, check it out.

First up is a band I really love.  The Street Dogs.  I have been following bands the lead singer Mike has been in for 16 years.  Damn there, I feel old again.

The song is called Back to the World and the video is quite self-explanatory.  Or maybe not, but I will leave it up to my small, but excellently intelligent readers to make their own conclusions.

This video actually makes me get a little emotional.  I got a lot of friends, some who are family to me, who are deployed right now.  A good friend of my wife's husband is on his way home right now.  So, here is hoping everyone makes it home safe.

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