Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Very Late Haiku Monday - Stupid Weather

Stupid Weather
Hot and Humid Gross
My Soul Weeps Housebound Kids
Stupid Weather Die


  1. Hahaha! You forgot to mention the mosquitoes though. Or do you not have them in Virginia?

  2. Oh we have the little bastards. They don't bother me, but my youngest, Sweet Little Hellion, is horribly allergic to mosquito bites. The spots swell up to half dollar sized itchiness. It looks just miserable. So, she lives with bug spray on. And because I am a paranoid lunatic, I don't use DEET on her (unless we are going out in the woods or something - someplace where I would use it) because I don't trust 'the man' to tell me random chems are ok to wear every day.

  3. The Fruit Loop is the same way with mosquito bites. My mom (and others her age) all tell stories about running behind the sprayer trucks in the DDT fog when they were kids. And I wonder why I have health problems?!?


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