Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan's Nuclear Power Plants

I truly cannot believe the amount of horrible information being, fiction and lies being spewed all over the news these days about Japan's nuclear power plants and what is happening there.
Location of Japanese Nuclear Power Plants

First, before you do anything else, please go read this article by Keith Yost in the The Tech (an MIT newspaper).

Ok, now you have the basics of what is actually going on. No need for ill-informed journalists with editors who don't know the difference between nutrients and neutrons.  No need for random idiots to show up on fluff news shows, like the Today Show, and tell the public that we all need to have potassium iodide tablets on hand.

So, the reactors survived the earthquake quite well.  But the tsunami and flooding is what really caused the trouble.  The flooding knocked out the generators which were pumping water to cool the reactor (and moderate the neutrons, if my reactor design understanding is correct).  No water, no cooling.  That is a problem.

If you want to keep up to speed on the actual facts of what is going on in Japan regarding their nuclear power plants, the best site I have seen which is updated a few times a day, is Information on the Japanese Earthquake and Reactors in that Region by the Nuclear Energy Institute.

So, stay informed.  Ask questions of people who know, not from people who are only concerned about ratings.  And remember, the nuclear reactors survived the earthquake.  A catastrophic earthquake.  A 9.0 earthquake. That is quite amazing in my opinion. 


  1. Thank for you a bit of sanity amongst the fear mongering, grandstanding, leaping to conclusions, and finger pointing.

  2. Thanks Lori. I am glad to help, however meager my contribution is!

  3. no positive contribution is meager ;) I found your blog by accident with this article. Great Blog!

  4. Japan Nuclear plant is very big in the side of the sea. Japan is known as by its nuclear palnt

  5. Thanks for reading UCES (though I suspect you of being a robot...)


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