Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Helicopter Waterskiing!

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and user Jonathunder
It appears a man in Australia was towing his 15 year old son around on waterskis.  The funny part, instead of a boat, he chose to use his helicopter!  Read the story here: http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2011/03/29/220831_ntnews.html

Basically, some aviation authority in Australia is trying to get a hold of the video footage to see if they want to charge him with some sort of crime.

But helicopter skiing?  That is so full of win.  It really is outrageous.  And they let people do stupid things all the time on waterskis.  Why not let the kid ski behind a helicopter?

What other types of crazy things could be done behind a helicopter?  

Helicopter skateboarding?

I think the extreme nature of skateboarding would call for a more extreme form of propulsion.  How about airplane skateboarding?

Any other insane combinations of sports and machinery? 

Catapult soccer... for the more martially inclined.  Sure, every "player" has a catapult.  Sounds fun.

Rocket sledding for our northern friends?  Rocket sleds have already been thought of I see, with excellently horrific consequences.

If rocket sleds exist, there must of other really excellent ideas out there that crazy people have attempted.  Anyone know of other good stories?


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