Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Because I just don't have enough to do...

Oh new year, you make me kinda crazy...

But in a good way, I suppose.  So, with the first of the year, I started not one but two new jobs...  Like I needed any more to do.

I am no longer a postdoc!  HURRAY!  The world rejoices.  I am a Research Professor now, which is cool.  But basically, nothing has changed for my job.  I still do a huge amount of research.  I just get paid to the research by this big name state university.  A Research Professor is not what we call a Tenure Track position.  That is, I am not teaching any classes.  I am just doing research.  I wish I was Tenure Track, but I know I will get there eventually.

However, I have started as an Adjunct Professor at another, lesser big name university.  Teaching an introductory astronomy course.  Which has been a whirlwind, to say the least.  I teach an hour and a half lecture twice a week and a two hour lab once a week.  That doesn't count all the preparation, driving to and from one job to another, and dealing with the insanity that is college students in the digital age.  It appears that simply having an email address is cause enough for them to think I will solve all their problems for them... I am slightly annoyed.

Yesterday, I had my first lab and lecture.  Lecture went fantastic.  It was everything I remember loving about teaching.  Lab, on the other hand, was a sort of fiasco.  There may or may not have been a crying student...

Either way, I am really happy with how the new year has started, but I am so damn busy... I think I dreamed last night about getting a good night sleep.  That is sad.

In little munchkin news, Sweet Little Hellion has started to be hardcore potty trained.  We are probably going to forgo the nighttime Pullup this weekend since she has started asking to not wear it... I am so ready to be diaper free in the Berserker Clan.  S O  R E A D Y !


  1. Love your blog, I just stumbled across it somewhere, I can't imagine how crazy college would be in the digital age. We used to wait for the professors outside their office door to glimpse just a moment of their time! LOL!

  2. Thanks MOI for reading! Yes, it is a different world. Even from 10 years ago. To be fair, however, I don't have an office (well, I haven't told anyone where it is) so they cannot stalk me quite yet. I am actually waiting for them to ask where to find me...

  3. As far as the tenure track, good luck. It's hard.


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