Sunday, February 13, 2011

The things kids say...

Scene: Little Berserker Spawn is sitting on the toilet talking to his mother, Beautiful Wife.

LBS: Mommy, I love you. (ahh... isn't that sweet, didn't even have to force him to say it)
BW: Thank you, I love you too.
LBS: I love you because I love sharks and whales.  (Ummm... WHAT?  I now feel the need to point out to BW that her son compares her to sharks LOL!)

Scene: I, Berserk Father, have just finished whipping up a batch of brownies with LBS.  We are in the kitchen cleaning LBS up, since I let him get all full of brownie mix licking the batter off the spoon.

LBS: Daddy, are you brownie? (Again, HUH? He does this a lot, asking if you are something or another, nothing terribly new)
BF: What?  No, I am Daddy.
LBS: Nooo.... you're not Daddy, you're dirt! <All with a big giant loving grin> (once again, WTF?  And he says it in this weird loving way... does it mean he loves dirt as much as me?  Or better yet, he loves me as much as he loves dirt?  Kids are weird)

Scene: LBS and BW are on the couch getting to ready to watch the first Harry Potter movie.  The living room is a wreck as LBS and his sister Sweet Little Hellion have gone insane and tore out every toy in the house and put it in the living room.  Nobody knows why.  This is what I hear as I walk up the stairs.

LBS: Mommy, are we going to watch a movie?
BW: Yes.
LBS: Are you sure?  You sure have a lot to do around the house - you will be very busy.
BF (walking up the stairs): BWAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! 

So, I don't know what weird little thoughts run through LBS's brain, but it sure looks like a fun place to visit!  This is all from the same day.  It is only 1:45 pm here.  Lots of time for more LBS insanity.


  1. LOL I get a lot of those! My favorites are the random comments... for example: The Fruit Loop walks into a room and says, "Guess what?" Me: "What?" TFL: "Bacon!" Which is especially odd since TFL doesn't even eat bacon! KIDS!!!

  2. I think it is a universal truth - kids say weird things... often.


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