Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fatherhood blogs?

So, I am an avid reader and enjoy meandering through the endlessness that is the interwebz.  I read a bunch of blogs regularly.  But they are almost all written by women.  Which is cool and all, since I try my best to understand the fairer sex. 

So, here I would like to highlight some great blogs about Fatherhood.  Why you ask?  Well, because Fathers are awesome too!  Who else lets you sneak cookies when Mom isn't looking?  Or lets you climb that tree WAY higher than you should.  Its not that we are stupid, but we are Dads.  Most of us (if you will let me speak for us all) think it is important to know your boundaries.  You can't find those boundaries unless you go right to the edge and fall off sometimes.  Plus, I know I learned best from the lessons that hurt.  Just don't die, ok?  Plus being a Dad is fun! 

So, I want to celebrate all the Dads on the interwebz who take the time to share their lives with the great horde of crazy that is the inhabitants of the interwebz.  Who put themselves, their experiences and their insanity out there for all to see.

The great Dad blogs that I know of:
GeekDad - name says it all
Straight Dope Dad - Just a regular guy with a kid who writes about it with honesty and realism
My Dad Blog - Straightforward, analytical and down to Earth blog about Fatherhood

So, does anyone have any other favorites?


  1. Brand spanking new one -

  2. Here's a great one -


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