Thursday, December 1, 2011

Toys I want for Christmas

So, I was thinking about Christmas gifts last night for my kids.  Which led to thinking of stuff I want.  I really like buying my kids toys, because they are just so damn cool.  Plus, I am bigger than them and can make them share them with me.  Because, you know I am just a big kid anyways.  And I am mean.

My wife knows this, which is why she bought me a giant 2.5 foot wide Millennium Falcon as a special gift when my daughter was born.  Why would I get a gift, you ask?  Because I was such an awesome husband during her pregnancy - taking care of the house and our son, so she could be a little less miserable.  So, here is what she got me:
From Amazon
Yeah, that is right, it is over 2 and a half feet long and it is awesome!

Anyways, so what would be on my Christmas list if I was rich and awesome and didn't actually need things - cool toys of course.

Keeping in the Star Wars theme, I would go with this next:
While tactically the worst possible design for a troop transport - I dig the AT-AT.
 Then, maybe the electronic Boba Fett helmet, cause Fett is Bad (yeah, bad with a capital B):
Pew pew, then blast off with my jet pack!
To class the joint up a bit - some sweet ice cube trays:
When I am drinking my whiskey, I would pretend Han is getting drunk with me too!
Now, some weaponry to accompany my drunken self with my Boba Fett helmet on (because we all know that would happen):
It shoots 35 feet!  No one would be safe in my house!

And for when things really get out of control:
A rubber band gun shaped like an AK-47 - YES PLEASE!
So, am I missing anything?

Also, does anyone have any good board game recommendations?  The wife and I want to restock our board games (we lost a bunch in the floods).  Needs to be able to be played by 2 players - something strategic and fun is what I am thinking.  Was thinking about Dominion.. any thoughts from the interwebz people?  Thanks in advance.

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